Making Eternal Impact Together…

This week I felt like it’d be a good time for a vlog or video blog to share with you you guys some of the ways in which Jesus is impacting people through our ministry this year, and even in the next week, some ways in which you could help us do that, and together make a great impact for Jesus Christ that has eternal implications… God bless you guys!


For more info on becoming a Car Wash Sponsor or Monthly Partner email me at or


One thought on “Making Eternal Impact Together…

  1. very good and so true i also was listening to another speaker who talked about the elderly and it hit me hard someday I will be them and if I did not know the Lord Iwould want someone to share it with me. yes time is going fast and it is time to serve God in anyway I can. because someday I will be them ageing and lost and dont u want to know were u r going after ur body rots away? dont u want the love that God is waiting to give u? there r so many who r lost and caught up in a world of things instead of being caught up in God. thanks mike

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