A Heart with no Voice…

This poem has been kind of resonating with me a bit today… Thought I would share it as I think it may resonate with some of you as well… Blessings!

A Heart with no Voice

The heart is a place that truly shows who we are
It cries to be held yet seems so afar
Sometimes emotions are reserved for it alone
So it wails with its desire deeply to be known

Waves of life’s seasons reflect things held in its depths
Waiting to be released no longer wanting it all to be kept
The blue sadness of a world that isn’t expressed
Yet desire still burns to share the unsaid

There are those that should know and may genuinely care
Still the heart remains trapped and unwilling to bare
Held to its walls like a prisoner’s cell
Alone in a place with no one to tell

There may be one above others the heart wants to let in
But alone in their presence the words still do not sing
A person so dear to the unexpressed place in the heart
It longs to release but is unable to start

The voice of the mouth, heard and expressed with its words
Yet the voice of the heart goes on unvoiced and unheard
No vulnerable trust and the forsaking of choice
Has left the heart alone in a place with no voice


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