The Only Way to Truly Keep Christ in Christmas…

So overKCIC T the past decade or so every time Christmas rolls around I begin seeing the bumper stickers, the T-shirts, and every other way people can “campaign” around the often politically charged rallying call to “Keep Christ in Christmas”. Over the past few weeks on my social media feeds I have seen a great deal of professing Christians not just campaigning to “Keep Christ in Christmas” or to say “Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays”, but truly verbally ranting and raving about how our secular world and culture Babycontinues moving towards the more “politically correct” model. And to be honest, many of them have and continue to come across like a bunch of whining babies!

If you are a person who has been on, what is often seen as, the CHRISTmas political move on your facebook, twitter or any other means over the past few weeks then I challenge you to ask yourself just a couple of questions. First, what on earth do you think all this hooting and hollering about how our society views Christmas and says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas is accomplishing? Secondly, how do you think all that ranting and raving is perceived by an already cynical society? Do you think it is painting a picture of the loving grace of God? Do you think it is moving them towards seeing the true beauty and message of Christmas and then repenting of their sins and truly putting their faith in Christ’s completed work on the Cross? Because if you do, please explain to me how because I don’t and am not seeing it….at all.

Or you could stop that nonsense and begin really doing what needs to be done to truly keep Christ in Christmas. That is to “go” out and share who He truly he is by loving your neighbors, loving those people out there in materialistic mess of “Holiday love_thy_neighborShopping” who may even be rude to you, and publicly demonstrating who He truly is in your life. By showing the implications of His Grace in your life through the clear declaration of loving people in spite of their views on Christmas, you may just have the opportunity to verbally share and proclaim the Gospel message of the free gift of salvation. Salvation through God’s gift to the world some 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. A gift that ended up on a wooden Cross that lead to an empty tomb. That has more to do with the Christmas story than whether or not you or I say Merry Christmas or not. I say that with total confidence because what I read in my Bible, read in Church history as well as my own personal experience this is the only way to truly keep Christ in Christmas. To live out your faith gracefully in our world and when the opportunities are there boldly vocalize it and proclaim the Gospel. When we do that, and we begin to see more people turning from their life of sin, tumblr_m6zelkpw3l1rukhkdo1_500putting their faith in Christ and genuinely following Him then He will truly be kept in the lives of the people who make up our society’s Christmas.  This my dear brothers and sisters is the only true way to keep Christ in Christmas. And unlike turning people off with a pointless political-style temper tantrum about saying Merry Christmas, it will bear a whole lot more eternal fruit. God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

BB-KCIA Keep Christ in Christmas Banners


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