The Silent Wanderer

An excerpt of a poem I found very interesting, related to in many ways, and thought to share…

The Silent WandererImage

“We Labor for the Silent Wanderer,
Who travels among all nations.
His name is Love.
He is the Shepherd,
but ye know Him not.

The Silent Wander goes from place to place,
seeking love and rest among His people: and they know it not,
and in their blindness rush on to their desired goal,
which but leads to their childhood.

Fortunate is he who hears the soft tapping at the door of his heart,
and whose voice responds to the tender appeal of the New-comer,
the gentle Shepherd seeking rest after having placed His flock in safety for the night.”

This will resonate with a future blog post in the works so if this intrigued you as it did me be on the lookout for it in the coming days.



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