Scenes that Speak…

Last year, I wrote a blog about some of the books that I had recently read or books that had spoken to me. The list included ten books and was certainly not exhaustive. The ten books I chose simply were the ones that came to my mind, had, had a profound influence on me, or that I simply deemed worthy enough to share with others. I got a good amount of feedback on that blog, which is partially what is influencing this blog post.

I realized that living in our high tech, fast paced, technological age that our generation, the generation to come and even to some degree, the generation that preceded this one, that movies or film, may actually be something that has influences people more than books do these days.

When we watch a film something inside of us either identifies with that film and we like it, or we can’t identify with it and will often not have much interest in it. But it is not just whole films that have impact on us or influence us. Often times it may be a section of a film, or a scene if you will. You know the ones I am talking about? Those scenes that cause us to ponder human experience. Those scenes that remind of us of our childhood. Those scenes that we see ourselves, or a part of ourselves, in the character or characters that are living out the moment we are connecting with. Those scenes that inspire us, lift us up, move our emotions, connect with our person in a way that we feel like it is almost our scene or a part of our lives that is being lived out. And sometimes, there are even those scenes that we see a part of something we might dream about being or seeing something that we lack and desire to be like. However you want to think about it, there are certainly scenes from film that speak to us or that have spoken to us in our lives, that when we see them again and again, we still connect to it in some way. Maybe it still stirs our emotions. Maybe it takes us back to our childhood. Whatever it may do, the reality that scenes speak to us, is undeniable.

So I thought to share 12 scenes from films that have had such an affect on my life. Like my blog post on books last year, this list is in no way exhaustive, but just what came to my mind as I thought about this blog. I deliberately tried to stay away from a lot of the epic blockbuster films that many know and love as I thought sharing such scenes would just kind of be a bit cliche. So I apologize if you are offended for not seeing a scene from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Dark Knight trilogy, or any blockbuster you might like.

I did not nor will not attempt to share how these scenes or films impacted me or why I like and identify with them, but would rather choose to allow them to speak for themselves and maybe some of them, might be something that you remember watching growing up, or maybe they aren’t anything that you have seen but may identify and connect with in some way like I have. At the least, I hope that it may make you think of your own list of scenes that speak or have spoken to you in some sort of way.


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