10 little sayings with big implications….

Don’t really get the chance to get on here and blog as much as I’d like these days, but from time to time I find the time and God deposits something in my heart to share. And something that I think might benefit anyone following Christ would be for me to share a few of the sayings I have come up with that help me both live out my faith and also keep me in check. While every single one of these is my own and in my own words, I am sure you might find a similar expression or saying for every single one of these. There is nothing new under the sun and everything has already been said in one way or another…So aside from the fact that I am a professing Christian and what I believe and follow is the teachings of the Bible, and that surely has influenced most of these sayings, Like the rest of us, I too have surely been influenced by the words of others…Those who have been a part of my life, and those who have gone before us whose words still resound in the pages of history.

With all that said, let’s get going…

I am the worst sinner I know.

This is saying I say to myself and others whom I am dialoging with because it is simply true…And it is true for all of us. We are all the worst sinners we know because we are with ourselves 100% of the time. We know all of the sins…The ones of commission (doing that which we should refrain from)…The ones of omission (not doing the good we should have done)…And the sins of the mind.

Keeping this in mind helps when we might have a tendency to fall into the “unforgiving servant” or a condemning mentality… We can easily be reminded of God’s Grace and Mercy when we are reminded of His perfect Holiness. And how when looking at that Holiness, and comparing it to us, even on our most “righteous” days, shows we are filthy menstrual rags in comparison. It also, because of that reality, points to just how amazingly graceful and merciful He is with us and it can be a great spark for us to extend it to others.

I am ordinary man living in an ordinary world, but I serve an extraordinary God. Therefore I expect the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Lots of talk these days of both being radical for God and being faithful in the mundane and ordinary. To be extreme either way point our hearts and our lives away from the Gospel and away from the implications of grace alive in our lives.

There are certainly times and seasons in our lives when we should partake in the radical or extraordinary endeavors for our Lord, but we should understand that the bulk of our lives will be lived within the ordinary, within our mundane routines and rhythms of life. But as we strive to be faithful as we live within the ordinary we must never forget that we always serve and extraordinary God who is capable at any time to do the extraordinary and that doesn’t have to take place only during those times and seasons of when we are trying to do the extraordinary.  Never settle for those who tell you God cannot show up within the ordinary and do something radically extraordinary.  God is able at all times. Believe it, pray for it, and expect it.

You cannot legislate morality, but you should never let that truth cause you to sit back and do nothing as lawmakers legislate immorality.

Moses was given a law that was legislated by the hand of God Himself and burned into stone and it didn’t change the heart of a single person. Truelegislate-morality morality needs to be burned onto our hearts not simply penned into law. However, are we to just sit back while things like redefining marriage, attacks on family, abortion or any other immoral practice is made into law? Of course not.

There are two ways to think about this little saying. The first is to think of our role in participating in the political process and the convictions many have associated with Romans 13 and the like. There is certainly a place for that for us as Christians. The second is to use such immoral legislations as a call to go out preach the Gospel and make disciples and allow the Holy Spirit to transform them and burn morality into their hearts. Often times around election times it saddens me to see how many professing Christians are outspoken and passionate about politics but not about evangelism and the Great Commission. I have often wondered if the Church was as truly passionate about reaching the lost and those dead in their sins as they were about their political stances if we might see an outpouring of God’s grace that we now only seem to read about in Church history. We may have a role to play in politics but our hope is and always will be Jesus. Let us keep it that way.

God doesn’t just want devotions in our lives, He wants the full devotion of our lives.

Daily devotions as they are popularly called or time in the Word and in prayer is essential and important in our lives and in our walk. I try to make it a habit every morning to follow this practice. Gathering together with other believers for corporate prayer, worship and to hear the preaching and teaching of the Word is also a huge part of our lives that should never be forsaken by the professing Christian. But both of those things are simply not enough. Jesus has indeed saved us freely by His Grace alone, but it came at a very high price… And God doesn’t want us separating worship gathering times and private times with Him from the rest of our lives. There is no separation from the sacred and the secular. God wants to permeate through every part of our lives like yeast in dough. He wants devoted to Him and living on mission for him in every part of our lives. At our jobs, at our schools, with our friends and families, when we are alone, and anything in between, He wants it all. And He truly is worthy to have it all.

One of my greatest daily challenges is to attend my own funeral.

In order to live for God in the way mentioned in the previous saying, it requires daily self-crucifixion and self-denial. We are to love God and love others as we ALREADY love ourselves. Yes we all already do love ourselves. Even those who struggle with depression, low self-wroth, low self-esteem, who may even have suicidal tendencies, who is it that they are most preoccupied with? Yes, themselves. And this perhaps one of the hardest things for you and I to do every day; to wake up each and every day and put our flesh to death and attend our own funerals. But by His grace we must and through His grace we must strive to press forward in it.

If possible pen the daily pages of your life in such a way that it would compel someone not just to be interested in reading but to be compelled to be unable to stop.

While it is certainly the reality that we will live most of our days within the ordinary, there is a dying world out there devoid of true relationship with God, and there are times when God may call us to step out in faith to try and accomplish the “radical” or “extraordinary”. And when if He does, don’t shy away from it or listen to the voices around you To livethat may tell you not to pursue such things. Follow what God leads you to do.  And by saying this, this doesn’t exclude living daily, within the mundane, in such a way that it would attract others to want be a part of the pages of your life because God is clearly manifesting His love for those around you through such grace-filled obedience. Just remember always that it is not doing the radical or extraordinary for God that gives us approval from Him. Instead remember that it is always the Gospel that makes us whole and right, but because we are approved before God by His grace alone, let us at times be compelled by that to do those radical and extraordinary endeavors for Him.

True faith is never momentary; never based on fleeting emotion. True faith stands the test of time, the trials by fire, and perseveres to the end.

There is much talk among Christian circles as to whether you can or cannot lose your salvation. Honestly, I have heard great arguments from Scripture on both sides of the argument. But wherever you stand on this, one thing is not deniable. Truth faith perseveres. We are indeed saved the moment we put our faith in Christ. We are justified and made right with God. But if that profession doesn’t stand the test of time throughout our lives by continual transformation and holding onto the Truth that it is Christ alone in whom we have hope, and faith in His completed work on the Cross? Then, Scripturally speaking anyways, we indeed have something to be concerned about.

I know I am not the man I should be…But I am thankful I am not the man I used to be…And I praise Jesus that by His grace and through His Spirit He is making me into the man He intends me to be.

Some professing Christians get so upset when people challenge them to examine themselves and to see if the faith they express is genuine in their lives like I indirectly did in the last sentence of my explanation of the previous saying. They call it putting fear in people rather than hope. Aside from that not just being true or Biblical it misses such a great opportunity for the true Christian to have great moments of worship.

The evidence of true saving Biblical grace in your life will continuously, throughout the course of your life, produce grace-empowered lifestyle repentance and confidence in Christ’s completed atoning work on the Cross. But regardless of how much change we have in our lives we will always fall short and our most righteous deeds are complete filth compared to Him.

But when I look at and examine my life as a true Christian, I can see that even though I am still ridiculously far away from where I need to be, I can see the Lord’s faithfulness in my life that I am not who I once was. And this also gives me the hope to rest in the Truth that He who began a good work in me will see it through to completion.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to either break out in worship for who God is and what has done, is doing, and will do in your life or if you fail the test, to repent and put your faith in Him truly! All by His grace!

Christians should never be judgmental and condemning but should always love enough to make judgments, especially with one another.

We Christians are often accused of being judgmental, and some of us are. And Matthew 7:1 is what is often quoted and thrown in our faces. Contextually speaking the word judge there means to “condemn” or to literally “damn” someone to hell. Jesus is basically saying that is God’s job don’t do it. But we are told countless times to make judgments as professing Christians with one another, and gently rebuke each other when in sin. There is a cancerous lie today that we cannot call out sin in one another’s lives as believers. But this one of the great ways in which God has chosen to sanctify us through. So don’t condemn anyone to hell for their sin, God will take care of that on His own. But warn the unbelieving person about the severity of His judgment according to Scriptures and then point them to Christ and the grace He provides. And gently rebuke one another pointing each other to Christ so we may present to the Lord a pure and spotless pride

If the Truth of the Gospel is my hope and what I trust in, the Scripture from which it came from must be the authority that governs my life.

So many I encounter these days who profess Christ talk about His grace and mercy and His Gospel. But if you try to challenge them with Scriptures and make arguments against things they are exclaiming, many of which are clearly unbiblical, they usually say something like, “Why do you take the Bible so literally all the time?” And they often mock you by bringing up sins like gluttony, lying or divorce to justify themselves not only following the Scriptures as the authority in their lives but also to support lifestyle sinful habits as something that we should not even consider to be wrong. One woman even wrote a book that she goes out of her way to mock Proverbs 31 and Christian womanhood. Then there are those who claim that they just rely on the Spirit. When if that were true the Spirit would draw us to the Word God gave us not point us away from it. Moreover, the Spirit would never ever contradict the written Word that He has given us, but would always affirm it. If it doesn’t, what you believe to be the Spirit is your emotions at best, or worse a demonic influence of some kind. Or perhaps my favorite (Not really), “You worship the Bible not Jesus.”  This one is very laughable but still needs to be addressed. Can one worship the Bible instead of Jesus? Sure. We can turn anything into an idol. However, quoting the Word God gave us, using it to challenge those who profess Christ, and standing on its authosolaScripturarity alone doesn’t mean one worships the Bible. It just means we recognize it for what it is…A lamp for our feet
and a light on our paths…God’s Holy Word that He has given to us to live our lives by…

Moreover, the very Gospel that those with arguments claim comes from where? The Bible. So if you don’t want to have the Scripture be your source of authority and which you live your life according to, how on earth can you trust the Gospel in which it proclaims? If you believe the Gospel of Jesus as found in the Bible to be absolute Truth and the only Hope in which you put your faith in, you must also conclude the rest of His written Word to not only be true as well, but to have the same authority in your life as the Gospel does.

Hope these little sayings of mine might give you something that provokes you to live out your faith in a more genuine way….Always by His Grace. Blessings!


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