Lost Words…

Not even close to being a poet but sometimes I have those rare rare moments… Especially when I find myself at a loss for words…


Lost words with no solutions
Seasons past and blinded illusions
Reflective thoughts and introspection
Melancholic bliss; another direction

Regret, hope, and walking by faith
Indifference, determination, on Christ I fixate
Extreme thoughts and extreme practice
These I know, I must take captive

Western christianity and growing false gospels
Including that fake reformation with even more fake apostles
Raped grace, legalism, a truly dark hour
A form of godliness, yet denying its power

Proclaiming the full Gospel is the only true answer
That will put an end to these man-centered cancers
In the grey clouds sometimes myself I feel bound
But it is in my weakness that His Grace most abounds

Still with some things, I feel no solution
No words to find, real life is filled with pollution
Dark corners and the memories that haunt me
Yet I am where I am because of Divine Sovereignty

More of a talker, not really a poet
But with lost words, creativity took notice
Not a literary masterpiece but expresses a point
With that said, I have arrived at my endpoint


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