Cultivating Maturity in Jesus

If you have been a Christian for any significant length of time you have encountered in yourself or in others this intrinsic desire to grow deeper in Christ and mature in your faith. Yet far too often it seems as though when we ourselves or those who profess this desire have to actually go beyond the norm and what is settled for by the professing Christian masses we do just that, we settle. And what we settle for we more times than not over time or through the perversion of Westernized christian culture’s influence in our thinking and belief as to what it means to mature in our faith at all. But despite our glorified mental ascension attempts the Bible associates maturity with something far more than how much of the Scripture we can regurgitate with our mouths born out of the cultural confusion of what it means to truly mature in Jesus… Hopefully this will be one small piece in your puzzle of truly understanding maturity in Jesus and what it entails. Blessings!


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