Helping the Gospel Move Forward in India

Last month, November of 2016, as a ministry we embarked on our annual global mission project which took place in Hyderabad India. Our global mission project are carefully planned and implemented projects geared towards giving long-term Gospel-centered work being done around the world a proverbial adrenaline shot if you will, and help fuel the work that is being done in whatever given location of a project.

Our project this year focused on helping the ministry there purchase a piece of land so that they could build a facility to both headquarter their ministry out of, as well as use it as an orphanage. The project also included reaching out to and blessing the less fortunate tangibly, praying and caring for the sick, and taking the Gospel boldly to the streets to share it boldly, lovingly, and uncompromisingly.

The Lord really came through in this projects in more ways than I can personally describe and to Him be all the glory, honor, and praise.

Here are several videos that highlight our project as well as our time on the ground there.

The first video is a video made shortly after the whole team arrived and showcases the first few days of our time and work that was done. The second is a video put to music that visually showcases and recaps the project in India. And the third is a video of gratitude by the brother who serves on the ground there full-time for the project and for people’s generosity and willingness to partner with the Lord in His work through him and their ministry. Hope it blesses you all!

Video one… Early highlights.

Video two…. Project India 2016 Recap.

Project India 2016 Recap from Michael Foster on Vimeo.

Video three… Personal Gratitude.


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